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November 14, 2017

If there were ever a celebrity who defied the stigma that comes with Hollywood Elite. Catt not only works with them and get paid to interview, mingle, and pick the brains of most A-list celebrities you would think Catt would assume Catt would have some air of arrogance...

February 6, 2017




The dreaded number.

The number which makes a woman feel like just that.

A woman.

The number most women have feared since the beginning of time.

No more excuses, your officially a grown woman.

For me 30 has been such an amazing and empowering age.

For me...

October 9, 2016

Safiya, Mother, Wife, Sister, Designer, Empath, Bitchita . . .  all of that yet not necessarily in that order is what i embody and what i consist of. I have an inner battle where i fight to be Safiya but Mother constantly takes precedent. Behave, be a role model, be a...

September 10, 2016

To most a bird is just that, a bird. To me it has a insurmountable level of meaning as well as symbolism. As a young teen i remember having a necklace of a bird in a cage and i wore it E V E R Y   D A Y. I felt it truly reflected me as the daughter of my father and my...

December 17, 2015




This morning i woke with alot more on my mind than usual. Many good thoughts mixed with a dash of guilt, but i was eager to start the day, my 29th Birthday to be exact. Growing up my father was quite religious and didnt believe in celebrating birthdays. They are onl...

December 4, 2015



Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Safiya and i am originally from Southern California, born in Denver Colorado, at the age of 2 my parents moved on down to Cali where i spent the next 20 years of my life. I come from a mixed background in every sense of the...

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