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December 4, 2015




Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Safiya and i am originally from Southern California, born in Denver Colorado, at the age of 2 my parents moved on down to Cali where i spent the next 20 years of my life. I come from a mixed background in every sense of the term, with my father being Libyan and my mother a first generation Mexican from Jalisco. Growing up i used to drive my mom nuts by changing outfits a minimum 10 times a day, no exageration here whatsoever.My mom could never enter my room from the age of 6 on without walking into the pile of clothes on the floor that didnt make the cut. I was one of 3 children. I have an older brother [ who made me realize what a blessing a built in body guard really was ] and a baby sister who is 15 years younger than me  who inspires me and my clothing line in more ways than she realizes. I have a bachelors in psychology, mostly drawn to it for the truth that everyone around me needed alot of help [ el oh el ]


Now that the foundation has been built ill build the house :)  . I later got married and moved to Dubai,  my wonderful husband who is my support, and my backbone in all the things i've gone through since we got together is the only reason i got up and left everything i ever knew. He makes me be better and do better in every aspect of my life and be the best version of myself that i can be. I found it hard getting married at the age of 22 as i still had alot of learning to do. Little did i know having my first child would give me the life lessons i truly needed to experience at that point. Selflessness, the word for 22 year old me had no experience behind the meaning. My daughter Iman is one strong minded child and she made sure i knew, smelled and tasted, every aspect of being a mother. She taught me the most valuable lessons. The first being that i was the least important person next to her, and second that every move i made from that point on i was being watched, closely.


We all feel being a mother is as thankless as the day with 3 kids is long, and Alhamdulilah Allah SWT recognizes mothers in such high esteem because of that. My first child taught me more than any school in the world can boast itself on. I am a firm believer in being a mother in its entirity. Living in Dubai, during this day/age and generation, motherhood takes on so many meanings.I hold my values tightly in this fast paced ever changing society and i plan to try and instill integretal values in each of my children.  Although i have my hair pulling, scream at the top of my lungs moments, i love being a mother.


This clothing line has given me something to work on and something to satisfy my creative side. I havent felt any excitement as much as i did the first time i entered a fabric store, in the dead heat of june may i add, trying to make a gift for my dear friend who experienced the biggest tragedy in her life at the time. I went in with a wing and a prayer and came out with something i was so proud of a week or so later. I knew i couldnt stop at that. I had to keep this excitment and love for creating things which made other people feel as good as i did for creating something deemed as simple, that i viewed as something which can uplift ones spirits in the moment they put it on.


As a mother of 3 i have had my fair share of days not knowing which clothes to wear for fear of looking silly, getting spit up on, or simply not having the time to put a decent outfit together. Which is precisely what sparked my creative side in making things which require little effort and maximises comfort for those who view that as more important than fashion without having to sacrifice either aspect!


There are days i try and talk myself into just giving up on this whole idea. My heart is what keeps on stopping me and gives me the encouragment to give it a shot and see how it ends up. So here i stand, actually sit, trying to start this small business to bring so many different things i felt were missing from my life as a mother without having to sacrifice watching them grow, take their first steps, or kissing boo boo's.




Dulce by Safiya

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