Twenty nine

December 17, 2015




This morning i woke with alot more on my mind than usual. Many good thoughts mixed with a dash of guilt, but i was eager to start the day, my 29th Birthday to be exact. Growing up my father was quite religious and didnt believe in celebrating birthdays. They are only a day closer to our death is what seven year old me heard when i asked to celebrate what in my eyes was a big day. Nonetheless we still managed to get a cupcake sneaked over to us somehow from my bighearted mother. While my friends all had big birthday celebrations with all their friends and families present, i was promised to get a party once i learned surahs or put my hijab on. I respect my father's way of trying to instill core religion and values into us, however it made us want it that much more.


My children on the other hand i throw the parties for with pinata's, homemade or bakery bought birthday cakes, goodie bags, party games, the whole 9 yards. I even made an entire littlest pet shop stand for daughters birthday made completely out of 2 broken down boxes built back again with piping from an old tent. I spent a total of 8 hours making the decorations and props and party bags all ready for her big 6th birthday bash a couple of months back. I guess i subconsciously make birthdays more elaborate to make up for the lack of them when i was growing up. I never want my children to think they were an afterthought. oh yeah back to me!


29 is a dreadful birthday for some, however i welcomed it with a hair appointment to battle the gray's! Since i had my first born at the age of 22 i earned one [ or two ] gray hairs every year or so which i believe i aquired through stress as opposed to my age. Regardless of the number i am turning i have so much to be thankful for that i find it hard to worry about getting older. I feel accomplished in many things at this point as i am a Mother, and no high paying job can take the place of how rewarding it feels when your child does the right thing or says my mommy says [followed by a moral conduct quote] which makes the light bulb over your head flash neon colors and you tell yourself they do actually listen, some of the time!


I feel so much love, respect, and more love from my husband and 3 children today that makes 29 feel like another number on a scoreboard. I feel young because i chase and play games with my children. I feel young because my kids say im a fun mommy, when im not losing my mind. I feel blessed because my husband has spoiled me and children have made me feel as though my life has had purpose. Despite all of the complaining i do as a mother about how exhausted i feel, how i havent eaten properly all day, or just that my body is aching from carrying an 11 Kilo 10 month old.I am so grateful to God for all of the endless blessings and love and most of all my baby sister being here for my birthday this year. Allah has given me and most people so much and on days like this especially i like to thank him and all of my loved ones for making me feel whole, blessed, and comforted through messages and calls or acknowledgment.


Side note this is a 6 layer ice cream cake i made on my own all from a few flavorings, confetti cake and 5 layers of homemade vanilla ice cream [different colors and flavors added] If anyone wants the recipe i can always post if you comment below :}



Also I would be interested to know how mommies all over the world celebrate their childrens and their own birthdays! Comment below and share please!

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