What's under that Hijab - Everything is a CHOICE

October 9, 2016




Safiya, Mother, Wife, Sister, Designer, Empath, Bitchita . . .  all of that yet not necessarily in that order is what i embody and what i consist of. I have an inner battle where i fight to be Safiya but Mother constantly takes precedent. Behave, be a role model, be a hijabi model, your the face of islam i remind myself. But i am not. The media makes me believe that a cover on my head equates the face of what they believe to be a religion of extremism and hate. This cloth on my head is for modesty purpose only however i cant help but feel the box close around me when people first see or meet me initially. Type cast from beginning to the end when will this insanity every end. 


The mother in me cant help but wonder if the world will be a kinder place, when my children grow and join the adult race. The faith we have but not limited in our path. Forget what you heard stand still and observe. The love the hate the normalcy the gate. We open paths for ourselves to exceed the limits of our forefathers and have to eradicate any hate others foster for those of our beliefs. You've figured us out, don't scream, don't shout. we heard loud and clear 'go back to where you came from' resounds the fear. we love we hate nothing we do is meant to seper-ate. breathe in breathe out, bleed red, same as you were cut from the same cloth, erase what you thought. erase what you think, remember were all here for the same thing- to live in peace succeed and live happy lives - i want my children to live a fearless life.  - Safiya B 



My point of this blog was to help those who don't know, to better understand women with a head scarf have the same wants, needs, dreams as other women. To empower and uplift women is what i am currently all about. Writing was always my first love, i found her when i was in high school, which is why i choose to begin using it to get my messages out to the world. I thank god for all the blessings i have however i would like my followers to get to know me better through my writing. I experienced many hardships in my life and i don't wish my past would have been any other way because they made me who i am today. The mother who loves her children to the point of obsession, the wife who tries to always make her family and husband proud and happy, and the "me" no one gets to experience is what i want to translate in my blog, my hurt, emotions, love , hate, laugh all of it wrapped into one space to help others, and to reflect on. If we can help even one person change the way they hate and give them reason to open up to more views then i have achieved my goal.


Peace and Love

Dulce by Safiya






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